• Established in 1874 by the founder Giovanni Muscat as booksellers situated in the same Merchant's Street address which, until recently, still served as our stationery outlet. The business soon developed into book publishing and, as a natural consequence, branched into printing around 1890 in Guardamangia, on the outskirts of Valletta. 

        Giov. Muscat’s origins and development owe credit to its founder Giovanni Muscat who was a visionary and his sons Guze and Andre. As Andre subsequently passed away at a young age, the helm was mainly with Guze. In the early days of Giov. Muscat, not many entrepreneurs existed. Giovanni Muscat and later Guze were able to identify and see a potential success of different products on the Maltese market. After corresponding with prospective suppliers, he would introduce them and sell them successfully. 

        At the time, the Muscats were also versatile negotiators. They did not keep this quality to themselves but supported many who sought help in venturing into a business or projects.

        By 1905 the printing works had been transferred to Valletta and the company started publishing an evening newspaper called 'The Malta Herald'This was discontinued in 1931 following political friction with the British Colonial administration. 

    • Giov. Muscat & Co. Ltd. established itself as a contributor to Maltese literature giving budding and known writers of the time the opportunity to publish their works. A publication which grew to serve as a credible journal of Maltese literature was the ‘Pronostku Malti’ which was published consistently over two world wars and beyond. It is now fast becoming a valuable collector’s item. Giov. Muscat was also known for publishing English novels in Maltese. One example is ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. 

       In the meantime, a large investment was made in the field of manufacturing stationery like exercise books, account books, paper bags and many other related lines. Also, contacts with foreign stationery manufacturers were established as a result of which we became the main stationery importers / manufacturers / distributors in Malta. 

      Activity during the Second World War was dominated by supplies to the British Forces and the firm was fortunate in never having to interrupt production despite daily bombing raids and scarcity of raw materials. Since then the company's progress largely mirrors that of our small nation and its economic expansion and successes. 

      On the 1st January 2000 Giov. Muscat & Co. Ltd. bought out the entire shareholding of EuroPrint Limited and consequently all industrial activity was transferred to the newly acquired premises situated in the Industrial Estate in San Gwann. On the 19 th February, 2020 arrangements were concluded for Giov. Muscat & Co Ltd to buy out the
      entire shareholding of Velprint Limited retaining its operations at Bulebel Industrial Estate, Zejtun. This move is reflecting Giov. Muscat’s history and role in the printing industry in Malta together with its drive towards continuous investment and growth.

      Nowadays Giov. Muscat & Co. Ltd.'s activities are concentrated to the importation and distribution of stationery.